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What is good music? This is a terribly difficult question to answer. To some people boy-bands and Britney Spears make bad music yet millions love them. Some don't consider anything loud and noisy to be music but bands like Papa Roach, Linkin Park and Disturbed are becoming increasingly popular.

This is an enduring mystery-something average Joes like us cannot answer.

But we do know what we like and what we don't and we are offering the following explanations:

Drops of Jupiter

MAXFIRE: The band may have felt that putting their lives on paper were terrible and too demanding on their part. At least if they put only one song in print, they still have ten more for themselves. Listening is different as with reading. Ironically though, they provided words for one of the most painful songs I've heard for a long time. >>more


PALSY: Weezer may not send you to deep, self-analyzing and contemplative moments but hey, who needs to be serious anyway? There's much crap out there and singing about it only adds-up to the stink. >>more

Daft Punk

FUNK_AD: I guess one should try listening to the groove of Daft Punk, the Paris-based house music gurus that first invaded Europe in 1997. >>more

Greyest of Blue Skies

PALSY: The distorted figure on the album cover may say that this band's music is fast and riff-oriented with vocals reminiscent of the thrash era. >>more

Everything You Want

MASAKARI: For those folks who listen to good music, this album is for you. It will definitely be fixed on your CD player for a long time and you won't regret the money you've spent... >>more

Lover's Rock

TWOSTAR: This album is a head-trip. The best time to listen to it is when you're alone in your room at night. It is mostly a sad album but a good one nonetheless. >>more

Whoa, Nelly

PALSY: Nelly Furtado could've been the Brazilian Sheryl Crow crossed with Macy Gray, only dreamier and rhythmic with her debut single I'm Like a Bird. >>more

Save the Last Dance

PALSY: R&B is what this album is all about. Having watched the movie is not an issue since there are deserving songs on this record, which could make it on their own. >>more

Piracy and an Audiophile

PALSY: The problem is, greedy music executives don't get the large cut they acquire from selling overpriced CD's, hence musicians don't get paid properly. >>more

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