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Piracy and an Audiophile

As more and more music becomes unavailable, buying CD's has become a tiring and expensive task. Hard to find music becomes harder and harder to find since stores nowadays sell only fast-moving items. But there are still some stores offering a plethora of rare and old music, sad to say with outrageous prices. And if your musical tastes include Yanni, DMX, Dream Theater, Clair Marlo, Dave Matthews Band and Sergio Mendez, that pocket should be stuffed. But for the average audiophile, settling for FM Stations may be the only solution, ungratifying as it may seem. Thank God, piracy is present.

Intellectual dishonesty as enterprising musicians claim is bullshit. They still get recognized for the pirated music people buy. The problem is, greedy music executives don't get the large cut they acquire from selling overpriced CD's, hence musicians don't get paid properly. If recording companies really are for musicians and listeners, they should find a way to reduce their prices to compete with pirates. Of course I would enjoy seeing what the artists I listen to look like and all the added stuff an original CD offers but a difference of more than P300 will surely send me out of malls and into bangketas.

The bottom line is that whether we settle for originals or pirates, artists get exploited one way or another. But certainly, economics will tell us to favor piracy than choose to be exploited as well.

June 2001


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