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WeezerIn '94, when grunge invaded the radios, I heard this funny song about a sweater. It sounded good though it was only about a damn sweater! Heck I bought that blue album and its still with me today. It's an instrumental part of my high school because it defined every moment of it. The record has different moods to it, I remember playing Say It Ain't So when a girl broke my little teenage heart. And it still is heart-wrenching after seven years! Weezer is endearing because I know they had fun making their record while I have fun listening to it.

Weezer may not send you to deep, self-analyzing and contemplative moments but hey, who needs to be serious anyway? There's much crap out there and singing about it only adds-up to the stink. Just sing about stuff we like, err love perhaps? And by the way, set-aside Shakespearean phrasings, just say it like any average person would, enough of metaphors.

Weezer's music is can be categorized as college rock- simple chords, capricious lyrics and a good melody. Technicality is set aside, though Rivers Cuomo's guitar solo can be soulful. They choose to be laid-back technically and focus on getting the message through without any fuzz.

These days records are sold by cursing and bad-mouthing other artists like what Eminem does, or riding the Girl/ Boy Band craze, or looking cool in an alternative band. At least Weezer is a break from the rest. Hell they don't curse, they just rant about their hapless love life and most of all, they're not posers. They play because that's what they love to do and definitely, that passion is transmitted to listeners who understand what fun is.

The music business has been an outlet for overnight success, one-hit wonders and egocentric pretty boys and girls. If you're tired of seeing and hearing them, give Weezer a shot.

September 2001


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