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Movie companies will do anything for you to watch their films. One of their worst tactics is to ambush unwary viewers after they've seen their movie and ask them what they think.

People can't say "OK lang" or "sobrang pangit" or they wouldn't get on TV. Some would just lie and scream, "Ang galing ni Aga!"

You know what we're saying. You've seen this on TV.

We know this for a fact. We're speaking from experience. To redeem ourselves, we watched the following movies and, as truthfully as possible, wrote what we really think.

America's Sweethearts

TWOSTAR: Hollywood's typical romantic comedy is relatively easy to make. No fancy computer animation is required. No big explosions. No car chases. All the genre needs are two stars, who could make us believe in two hours or less that they are in love or meant for each other. >>more

Original Sin

TWOSTAR: The movie Original Sin is one of the most well written thrillers to come in a long time. As Angelina Jolie explains in the movie it is not a love story. It is however a story about love. This may make no sense the first time it is heard but the movie is successful in the end in making the distinction. >>more

Moulin Rouge

TWOSTAR: The movie Moulin Rouge is not the first story about love. Surely everyone has seen or heard hundreds of love stories before and undoubtedly will seen and hear hundreds in the course of their lives. But I doubt if anyone has seen a love story told the way this one is. >>more


MASAKARI: Do you like Fairy Tales or do you love making fun of them? Do you remember how Cinderella turned from dirt to a princess? Have you thought of how corny it is to wake up after being kissed by prince after him being soiled up for slaying a dragon? In any case, you'll love Shrek by Dreamworks. >>more


AGENT O: John Travolta in the opening scene of Swordfish criticized Hollywood for its unrealistic films. Why not start movies by killing innocent civilians without any fuss? Sure enough, it does just that. A hostage is blown to smithereens taking several policemen and buildings with her. >>more

The Animal

MAXFIRE: There are only a few of movies that can boast to be dumber than The Animal, granted that this is a quality movies aspire for. Rob Schneider of Deuce Bigalow stars as an aspiring cop who unfortunately is physically unsuited for the job. Even 80-year-olds and 200 pound women are more athletic than he is. >>more

Final Fantasy

TWOSTAR: In the past, action is the only nexus of video games and movies. Moviemakers still took the risk of making movies like Super Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat and the recent Tomb Raider believing that the game's fan base would watch bringing their non-gaming friends with them.>>more

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