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ShrekDo you like Fairy Tales or do you love making fun of them? Do you remember how Cinderella turned from dirt to a princess? Have you thought of how corny it is to wake up after being kissed by prince after him being soiled up for slaying a dragon? In any case, you'll love Shrek by Dreamworks.

This movie has almost every fairy tale in the books twisted to suit our laughing moods. It is about a world wherein all fairy tale characters like Pinocchio, Cinderella, the three blind mice, etc. are all present and non-fairy tale characters are the main characters. It's so twisted that the protagonist named Shrek is a different kind of ogre: very good english speaker and too smart for a monster, as opposed to the ultimately stupid ogres that swarm evil lands on fantasy books.

The movie is great! I've been laughing almost all the time while I've been watching it. I found the jokes so easy to understand which makes this movie really geared for kids and young-at-hearts. They painted the era of kings in huge palaces with modern stuff like WWF style wrestling, beauty contests and "Break it Down!" lyrics on ranger songs. Add to that the good talents of the excellent voice actors like Eddy Murphy and Mike Myers. I can never tell all the jokes in here because if I do, I'll spoil the fun in finding the movie's surprizes.

This movie is not a no-brainer. If I'm not mistaken, there isn't a bit of slapstick style comedy which I really hate the most. Laughter is not forced yet you can't help but laugh. Overall, I found this movie a worthy watch, either in the movie houses or in your VCR.

September 2001


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