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ld things aren't useless. They become antiques and get stored in the attic or basement. Some are even displayed in museums and art galleries. The same is true with old articles and reviews. Their value increases as time passes.

Consider yourself lucky for stumbling into our archives. Take your time browsing. You may stumble upon something priceless



TWOSTAR: It boasts something rarely seen in Philippine films: a good story. It is about one teacher, Mila Cabangon, and her life when the public school teachers of Metro Manila go on strike. >>more

Tomb Raider

MASAKARI: History has always repeated itself too many times to my dislike. In the industry, there exists two worlds that are better left separated: gaming and movies. No good game ever became a good movie, or vice-versa. >>more


PALSY: In a bid to revive his career and pull-out a Travolta like escape from nothingness, Stallone stars and even script-writes in this one. Expect the expected: Bronx talking and a script with holes. Before we know it, Pamela Anderson 's at it too. >>more

Get Over It

PALSY: I wouldn't mind watching a teen flick at all- as long as Kirsten Dunst is in it. >>more

The Mummy Returns

PALSY: What was notable in the movie though is how it depicted the effect of drugs to the middle class family. It shows how rebellious the youth can be. >>more

Pearl Harbor

TWOSTAR: The movie revolves around the love triangle of Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, and Kate Beckinsdale and is set in an America that refuses to acknowledge that the world is at war. >>more


The Aga and Charlene Wedding

Read what people had to say about this earth-shattering event. >>more


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