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Remember way back when we were kids? We had the perfect games then. Taguan, patintero and tumbang preso required nothing more than a space to play and our boundless energy. Time passes quickly when you're having fun.

Now we only have video games to pass the time. Instead of the beauty of the outdoors, we face a TV or monitor (radiation). Instead of running free, we sit like paraplegics. Some even experience attacks of epilepsy because of video games.

Game makers have a responsibility to bring back the joys of childhood in their games. The quality of gaming shouldn't regress, as we grow older.

Baldur's Gate II

TWOSTAR: It has been a month at least since I last wrote for Home-Q. I must apologize but at the same time blame everything on my friend Mark for lending me Baldur's Gate II. >>more

Skies of Arcadia

TWOSTAR: Skies of Arcadia (SoA) is set in a world of sailors and pirates that sail the skies instead of oceans. It is a quirky idea but navigating one's winged ship across skies of floating islands is a breathtaking sight. >>more

System Conflict

System ConflictTWOSTAR: Every 5 to 7 years, of video game console makers battle for every gamer's hard-earned money. This is already a 20-year-old war that has resulted in many casualties the most recent of which is once king of the hill Sega. The first skirmish will occur this Christmas. But this early, the 3 competitors Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are already polishing their blades and eyeing each other for weakness and planning for the future. >>more

A SEGA fan's lament

DreamcastTWOSTAR: Since then I've had a Mega Drive, Saturn and now a Dreamcast and Sega never ceases to amaze me with the magic in their games. I've also had an SNES and a Playstation. They've also had their share of good games. Nintendo's games however failed to grow up with me. Sony just made the hardware. The good games like the Final Fantasy series had to come from third party developers. >>more

Crazy Taxi 2

TWOSTAR: The first Crazy Taxi game had one of the freshest ideas in video gaming. Take your typical driving game and free the player from the constraints of racing. For the first time in a driving game there was no track to follow and no other drivers to catch up with. Instead there was a scaled down version of San Francisco where you can wreak havoc while trying to make an honest living. >>more


TWOSTAR: Playing Shenmue was an experience unlike any other video game I've played in the past 10 years. The graphics, sound and music were excellent. Its shining quality though was the level of interaction, with the virtual world and realism and freedom. >>more


MASAKARI: The dot eating game... for the countrymen who live with cellphones, gets a few people shot dead due to holdapers, make money for cellphones and mastered cell-phone operation even before learning ABC. >>more


MASAKARI: The box cover says that it came from a company that developed the award-winning Descent series. So what? That only means that the guys who made this game already have enough experience in 3D game design. They better make this one right, and good thing is, I liked it very much. >>more


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