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The dot eating game... for the countrymen who live with cellphones, gets a few people shot dead due to hold-upers, make money for cellphones and mastered cell-phone operation even before learning ABC.

Platform: the oh so famous, superbly overrated Nokia cellphones that transforms into 3 pieces when dropped 2 feet above the ground.

Look at the malls. Look at your young cousins. Look at the tambays. Perhaps one person every 10 square meters on this land is probably playing snake. Is it because he doesn't have enough load? Or is he just draining up his battery? Or his patience? How come such game that appears on a screen hardly bigger than a five peso coin even beats the number of people who once played the Mario Brothers? The reason is oh so simple: we filipinos consider cellphones as necessity. It may not be as important as breathing or eating, or going to mass, but it goes just a bit under them. For the text-messaging capital of the world, it's not a surprise.

Nokia 6310Another reason perhaps is that it is ohh soo simple to play. You can play it with one thumb pressing only 4 buttons, or two thumbs on two buttons, ala game boy hold. Your call. Great! I'm a gamemaster! Your objective? Don't bump yourself, don't bump the walls, get longer til you fill the screen (for the non-complex Nokias). I'm wondering why the game that shifts with QBASIC on MSDOS before didn't make it this big. Perhaps it's because you won't get general protection faults playing snake on your cellphones.

And, ohh... it's so fun... watching you guys cross the street targeting that dot, necessarily forgetting the size of the truck that is moving past 30. Good thing that the truck doesn't need to bump you to get longer (corny!).

So how do I rate this game? I don't know. I never played it longer than 5 minutes because I don't have the thumbs that are as agile as you guys. Come to think of it, I don't even need to rate this game! Let the country speak!

June 2001


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