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The past few months have been troubled but exciting times for our country. Newspapers and news programs on TV and radio must be having their highest ratings ever.

Hardly a week goes without something big happening. Last year, we thought the biggest controversy the Erap Presidency will ever have was Gov. Chavit Singson accusing him of graft and corruption. No one could have foreseen the events that followed: the Impeachment Trial, not one but two more People Powers at EDSA, the May 1 Malacanang siege, the elections, and a hundred other things that happened in between.

Now we have a new president, new senators and local officials but can anybody say that the country is about to get better?

No one can say for sure. But now, more than ever before in Philippine history, people have a lot to say about the events that shape their lives.

Speak up. Itís free country.

The State of War

TWOSTAR: The tragedy of September 11 affected not only the US but the entire world as well. While a majority condemns the acts, the military actions to be undertaken have been in much heated debate. >>more

Senate Circus

PALSY: For heaven's sake, do not use the Senate for political reasons. The Senate hearings are turning into a circus once again. And whether we like it or not, endless clarifications, speeches and "paghuhugas-kamay" will again be seen by the public. >>more

Estradas, don't utter healing process, please!

PALSY: A wound is caused by objects- sharp, blunt and is further worsened by bacteria causing more pain to the victim. In the case of the Filipinos, they are the victims. The object is Estrada, not blunt but sharp as a shark's teeth. The aggravators of the wound are the people who want to put him back to power. >>more

Oil Companies Play Greed

Just last May 23 oil companies increased their prices by 42-49 centavos per liter. Only a month later they increased by another 37-38 centavos. >>more

Sir, No ROTC Sir!

Last Sunday, July 1, hundreds of ROTC cadets from all over Metro Manila did what cadets before them only dreamed of: they walked out. >>more

The Abu Sayyaf Hunt

What does it take to free the hostages and catch these bandits? And if they're ever caught, what will we do with them? >>more


People have died for the right to vote. Show respect to their memory by participating in our poll.

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