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Senate Circus

IPeople Power Coalition don't care if Corpuz had contacts with the FBI, and if Ador Mawanay did deliver 3210's to Sen. Legarda. I don't care if Kim Wong is a member of the Hong Kong triad or not or if Rosebud and Mayor Lim are telling the truth. For heaven's sake, do not use the Senate for political reasons. The Senate hearings are turning into a circus once again. And whether we like it or not, endless clarifications, speeches and "paghuhugas-kamay" will again be seen by the public.

If there are evidences other than testimonies which are inconsistent to say the least, please file these in court and not in the Senate. There's too much pamumulitika in the Senate that accusations will be returned back by mudslinging, counter-accusations and credibility demolition jobs. We all have seen how hideous it can become and that the other Senators are obviously biased and are working for their own interests. And Recto, please understand that Jawo is not fully aware of the purpose of the hearings being done. In Coach Jawo's mind, he is there to grill the witnesses, not to find out the truth.

If we all heard Victor Corpuz' speech in the beginning of the hearings, it was obviously politically motivated. "Huwag nating payagan mamayagpag ang narco-politics sa 2004," or something like that. After hearing that, the hearings should've just been cancelled because that was all there is to it, to demolish Ping Lacson on a battle ground of bent personalities.

As for the personalities whose reputations were grimed by brash ways of Corpuz, Mawanay, Rosebud and others, you will have your day. If indeed there is no truth and evidence that can substantially back-up their accusations, we will know who's who behind this ugly spectacle.

by: Palsy
September 2001

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