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Just because TV is free doesn't mean we can't say anything about it.

Most of us will spend most of our lives basking in its radiation. If you're lucky, you have only one TV in the house. Some though have one in the living room, in every bedroom and even the kitchen. The only escape is going out and having a real life. But that is too much effort.

We have a stake with what is showing. Every second we watch, we cook under the TV's harsh rays. It has also been known, according to studies, to make you dumber.

We've made our duty to make TV stations listen. Our lives depend on it.

The Buffy-Angel Breakup

TWOSTAR: Buffy the Vampire Slayer started a new genre in television series. Loosely based on the movie of the same name, it is the average teen drama with a bite. Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays the Buffy has to juggle everyday teenage problems like biology exams and peer pressure with slaying vampires and saving the world. >>more

Channel 2's Soap Onslaught

PALSY: Ratings have become so much of an issue for ABS-CBN that it neglects some viewers. It's over focus on profit is evident on the shows it airs everyday. Too many soap operas with similar themes are its audience getters, but it does not appeal to individuals wanting mental stimulation. It just wants to maintain its ratings supremacy to the point of sacrificing intelligence and well-written scripts. >>more

What is Jolina?

PALSY: The teletubbies' long lost sister Joljol? Cher's daughter? Or an amazon and a cross-dressing Barbie doll rolled into one? >>more

Peewee Carlos Agassi

MASAKARI: He entertains us too in our favorite noon-time show, ASAP. He entertains us when, and only when, he's not RAPPING! >>more


MASAKARI: The hosts are good. Regine, Jaya, Ogie, Janno, etc. They all have the singing voice to take your blues away. When I have the remote, I'd still go on the other noon-time show. >>more


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