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Channel 2's Soap Onslaught

Ratings have become so much of an issue for ABS-CBN that it neglects some viewers. It's over focus on profit is evident on the shows it airs everyday. Too many soap operas with similar themes are its audience getters, but it does not appeal to individuals wanting mental stimulation. It just wants to maintain its ratings supremacy to the point of sacrificing intelligence and well-written scripts.

Pangako Sayo was once a nice soap, focusing on the countryside, old churches and farms which are invigorating and a diversion from the usual. But as it progresses, producers once in a while pull out a delaying tactic. To further enjoy the success of the show, they are throwing in illogical scenes, dialogue and plots. And sometimes the commercials take longer than the actual show.

Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan was a break from the soap before it. Its theme circles between reincarnated lovers rediscovering their past through present events. Its issue at first was different from the usual rich vs. poor situation. But Pinoy soap will not be a Pinoy soap without it. In the story, Claudine, in her reincarnated life has means but Carlos Agassi is, you guessed it, poor. Speaking of the Pinoy soap formula, how else could impoverished Judy Ann alias Mara, be famous if her cute face did not endure Glady's slaps (again another example of the infamous delaying tactic, the characters started up slapping each other at a young age mind you). About Juday, here she comes again with another soap, and let's hope that co-star Armida can still see clearly when this one finishes.

But there are some shows, which appeal to viewers not wanting shallow tingle. There's Your Honor, a court drama incorporated with family values. The sad thing though is the only mentally stimulating parts of it, which are the actual court proceedings do not appear very episode. And there are of course talk shows, excluding Martin Late At Night which is just hair gel and a gibberish host combined.

I guess that's why Channel 2 needed Channel 23. Its saturated airtime of soap opera and senseless comedy is all there is in their timeslot. Foreign shows have no room and are aired on 23. If you are getting tired of ABS' shows, then you can always switch to its other station. But then again, my house only has one television. Tsk.tsk

July 2001


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