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The State of War

TPeople Power Coalitionhe effects of the September 11 tragedy on Americans were initially shock, then grief, and now fear and anger. Already their awesome military is converging around Afghanistan to hunt the prime suspect, Osama Bin Laden. As soon as the news reached us here, militant groups in turn converged around the US embassy to protest their plans for war. They wanted peace. While the loss of thousands of lives in the hijacked airplanes, Pentagon and World Trade Center towers were a terrible tragedy, they did not want the loss of thousands more innocent Afghan civilians.

I cannot understand these people. What do they propose to do? Just sit and pray for divine punishment to fall on Bin Laden's head? Peace and justice will only come with action. Negotiations are useless in this situation because murderers and terrorists do not want peace

Just like many Arabs and other people around the world, I believe that America has exploited our country. History makes no distinction among Spaniards, Americans or Japanese; they all have their share of crimes some though have been more highlighted than others. There are reasons why they are hated in many parts of the world.

These reason however do not and never will justify hijacking 4 planes with hundreds of passengers and crashing them into building to kill thousands more. These were innocent civilians. The people on the planes were going either on vacation or going home. The people inside the World Trade Center were only trying to make an honest living. They had nothing to do with whatever political or religious cause that killed them. Some weren't even Americans. Some were Chinese. Some were Filipino. Most probably there were Muslims there, perhaps even Arabs.

Their lives ended in fire and the collapse of tons of steel and concrete on their heads. It was mass murder. Such a crime demands justice.

The groups who are against any military action to bring the murderers to justice must be unmoved by the victims plight why some would rather plunge to their deaths than burn; they must have no sympathy for the families who lost their loved ones. What they are doing is much like preventing policemen from hunting down a common murderer and putting him in jail. The only difference here is the number of those murdered.

The war on terrorism and military action on Afghanistan should they fail to give up Bin Laden will surely have its casualties on both sides and civilians as well. Casualties are a product of war.

The Americans however must take of their actions. Civilian casualties in their military operations are inevitable but they must be minimized lest they degrade themselves into becoming terrorist themselves and they have another Hiroshima and Nagasaki in their list of war crimes

To the protesters, try to understand the shock, grief, fear and anger the Americans are feeling. I am sure you felt the same way last Rizal Day when the LRT was bombed.

October 2001

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