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Estradas, don't utter healing process, please!

You know who these areA wound is caused by objects- sharp, blunt and is further worsened by bacteria causing more pain to the victim. In the case of the Filipinos, they are the victims. The object is Estrada, not blunt but sharp as a shark's teeth. The aggravators of the wound are the people who want to put him back to power.

So there is absolutely no doubt who deserves to experience healing. And so when I hear Estrada, his family and his cohorts unwittingly mutter that they should enjoy the healing process, I can't help but quiver and fret. "Asan ang sinasabi nilang healing process, bakit benggahan pa rin ang ginagawa nila sa amin," are the words of one of Erap's sons. As if he were implying that they were the ones wounded by the horrendous acts they themselves contemplated and acted on. It's such a shame that they feel they are being mistreated when in fact they deserve much worse than they are receiving.

How should the healing be? As for the sharp objects, be kept for good to avoid injuring others. Or in our terms, be given the required punishment which is what the government is doing now. We can understand that there would be hindrances for justice to be served. Partly because of the slow justice system of the country and mostly because of the blind faith of some individuals. As for the aggravators, cleansed with antiseptic to avoid infection. Meaning, we, the wounded should not let them fool us into thinking that they are the ones injured here.

by: Palsy
July 2001


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