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Crazy Taxi 2

Crazy Taxi 2The first Crazy Taxi game had one of the freshest ideas in video gaming. Take your typical driving game and free the player from the constraints of racing. For the first time in a driving game there was no track to follow and no other drivers to catch up with. Instead there was a scaled down version of San Francisco where you can wreak havoc while trying to make an honest living. Traffic lights, road signs, other cars and pedestrians did not matter as long as you could bring your passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible.

Even if Crazy Taxi delivered arcade-driving thrills, it also introduced gamers to a more mundane and ordinary purpose. The world didn't need saving. There were no princesses to rescue. You were just a taxi driver that just happened to be crazy in a city without law enforcement.

For the sequel, all Sega had to do improve an already good game and expand it. I had big expectations for Crazy Taxi 2, and after playing it for a few hours I was rather disappointed.

At first glance, it must be said that it looks better than the first game. Its version of New York City seems bigger than the first game's San Francisco. There is less pop-up and no more slowdown. The music from The Offspring still matches the fast game play. The taxis are better too because they can now "hop" over traffic and other obstacles. You also have to manage multiple passengers at the same time.

Other than that however there's nothing new. I've played the first Crazy Taxi too many times to be satisfied with these improvements. I expected this sequel to offer a longer playing experience, maybe a career mode but no such luck. The mini-games though in the crazy pyramid are a refreshing break from the usual game

Still Crazy Taxi 2 is a relatively good game. It just had too much to live up to. For anyone who still hasn't played the first game, I'm sure you'll smile when you play it. Video games should constantly innovate and not stick to the same old formulas. Otherwise they wouldn't be any fun anymore.

July 2001


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