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Cast of SwordfishJohn Travolta in the opening scene of Swordfish criticized Hollywood for its unrealistic films. Why not start movies by killing innocent civilians without any fuss? Sure enough, it does just that. A hostage is blown to smithereens taking several policemen and buildings with her.

This movie deserves its R18 rating not only for the violence but for the sex as well. Most of its scenes are alternately violent or sexy or both. Thus it never slows down its pace and the audience continually holds on like they would on a roller coaster.

Unlike other R18 movies, Swordfish offers other surprises. Hugh Jackman's portrayal as a desperate father was more believable than his being a buffed, handsome computer geek. Up until the end, Halle Berry keeps the audience guessing whose side she is on. John Travolta's character Gabriel-one of the meanest villains in recent years-turns out to be a fanatical patriot out to get other bad guys.

Only Don Cheadle's character was out of place for being the typical good guy FBI agent.

John Travolta asks other more difficult questions towards the end. Is it right to sacrifice a few innocent people for the greater good like curing all the world's diseases or ending terrorism? His character thinks so, justifying for himself the number of people he killed in the movie's 2 hours.

Swordfish is one of the best movies to come out this year. People looking for action will be completely satisfied. People who just want to see Halle Berry's breasts will have other surprises as well.

July 2001


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