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Everything You Want

Vertical Horizon bandpicI am someone who rarely buys an album just because there is some song that is in there. When I want to get an album, I really think a lot, a lot, and a lot before I actually buy it. So you can easily imagine how many albums I have. Just a few. But this album, Everything You Want, by Vertical Horizon, is one buy i'll never regret.

You might think that I am not a music lover. I tell you, I am. My taste for music is so vast. I can clap for 2 minutes after a good orchestral encore. I can scream all night in a rock concert. I even raise the volume of the television when I like the music in an anime series. I've got a few of Metallica, Gin Blossom, Megadeth, Panthera, and Skid Row albums while I'm keeping more than 100 Mbytes of anime mp3s in my PC. Ok, I never had a Gregorian Monks album but I can join you in listening to them.

How did I find Vertical Horizon? It's a great band. They have great inclinations to melody and they never rely on their guitar skills to make their songs in this album make it through. I'm even wondering how come this album of great value to me never got a lot of its songs on the mainstream. Perhaps the answer is: they never look as good as the boys in nSync and the BSB. I'm not saying they're ugly but they don't have the looks of the boybands. Anyway, I'm proud of being one of the few people who listen to great music, not look at the faces! I'm not against boybands and the current stream of Britney wanna-be's but I sometimes think that they sell their music because of their looks. I believe that shouldn't be the case. You're not looking at them when you hear them, you listen!

The best genre that I can fit these guys perhaps is pop rock. Their songs sound pleasant to the ear and you can sing their whole album for three times. If you liked Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls and the likes, you'll definitely like this album. The main vocalist, Matt Scannel, sings like Duncan Sheik (did I spell it right?) while the other, Keith Kane, sounds like the boy from Passage. Keith even sounded like the vocalist of Alice in chains in the last song in this album, Shackled.

For those folks who listen to good music, this album is for you. It will definitely be fixed on your CD player for a long time and you won't regret the money you spent.

June 2001


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