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David Duchovny
Julianne Moore
Orlando Jones
Seann William Scott
Sarah Silverman

Directed by: Ivan Reitman.
Produced by: Ivan Reitman
Joe Medjuck
Daniel Goldberg
Dan Goldberg.

Written by:
David Diamond
David Weissman
Don Jakoby.

Distributor: Dreamworks SKG

It's nice to see David Duchovny and Julianne Moore take on comedy showing their versatility as actors. Coupled with funny Orlando Jones and goofy Seann William Scott, this flick is a good spend. Just be sure you have your biology intact to avoid hassles along the way.

The movie is a spoof of the evolution theory showing how things might become if the situation becomes haywire. It all started when a meteor from outer space carrying extraterrestrial cells causes life to flourish on Earth. What took us billions of yours to evolve only took the alien life minutes. No sex here, just plain and simple mitosis. Naturally the organisms become patterned with those of the Earth only weirder and wilder so expect some occasional shrieks and shouts here. What I liked more was Orlando Jones, who I think is one of the funniest black -american actors now.

The effects were a major turn-on. Before you actually see the movie, you become very curious as to what a crazy evolution would look like. Thumbs up for effects as it amazed me with the creatures it showcased- reptile looking tigers, predatory plants, flying long-necked dinosaurs, three foot, eight legged spiders and more. The weak part of the flick was its story. You just can't help but wonder why the chuckles weren't excruciating laughs. A screwed up evolution is one fine concept and a very hilarious script would have topped it off. This is normal of movies were the effects were the priority and not the story. You wonder why head and shoulders was the answer and not a cool confrontation or a worldwide alliance. Ahh, I guess I'm a fan of ID4 and not MIB.

July 2001


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