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System Conflict

The Advice

The wise consumer should consider these qualities when deciding what to buy. Overly eager gamers fall prey to hype and rumors. A year after its launch the PS2 is already quite successful. The real test for it will come this Christmas when 2 technically superior systems overshadow it. Whatever happens then will become a trend for the next 5 years.

Of the 2 newcomers, the Xbox has better graphics while the Gamecube will be $100 cheaper and will have must-have games like Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo die-hards.

For people who have the money, wait for the announcement of games to be released this Christmas and decide based on your budget.

I believe it will be either PS2 or Gamecube this holiday season. The PS2 will have more games and Final Fantasy X and the Gamecube will be cheaper and have Luigi, Starfox and Pikachu.

There are no announcements of must-have Xbox games at this time. Japanese game-makers seem to be shying away from Microsoft. If nothing happens until December, Bill Gates and company will have a hard-time catching up.

For the rest of us, we should wait until next year, when third party developers have decided which console to support. Right now Sony has Capcom, Square, EA, Konami and Namco but it could all change by next year. Tekken players go wherever Namco goes. The same goes for fans of Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, NBA Live and Metal Gear.

The market however is completely different. I believe the price is the most important issue. Again at launch, the Gamecube will be the most affordable. As for the games, we should wait until our sea-faring, wooden-legged, hook-handed, eye-patched friends with talking parrots make them cheaper. Until then be content with your Playstations and Dreamcasts.

by: Twostar
July 2001

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