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Everyone has an opinion and the Philippines is a free country.

But read the papers, listen to the radio and watch TV, and you'll most likely hear celebrities' and even foreign opinion. We are bombarded with their views on the world, as if they own it.

How can anyone whose life is so different from ours know what we like? The people deserve to hear opinions they can relate to and opinions they can call their own. Who can be in touch with what the people want? Who else but the average, net-surfing Pinoy!

At Home-Q, you can shout all you want and the people will listen. It's going to be noisy and it'll be like home.

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What's New?

It has been over a month since our last update. While our laziness is primarily to blame other factors contributed as well: Masakari working day and night at the office like an ant, Palsy's dual focus on academics and business and Twostar's unemployment and laziness. Please bear with us. Good times will be back again.

Last Update: October 4, 2001

The State of War
RPG Heaven

The tragedy of September 11 affected not only the US but the entire world as well. While a majority condemns the acts, the military actions to be undertaken have been in much heated debate.


Twostar blames his long hiatus on Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Skies of Arcadia. Read about his praises, gripes and other confessions here.


Weezer, the band that plays funny yet very good songs. Remember Buddy Holly, the Sweater Song, Say it ain't so and the others? It's about time that we give these guys this great article after they've entertained us for a long, long time. Actually, they still never fail in doing that up to now.

What do America's Sweethearts and Original Sin have in common? Nothing much. Which one is the better movie? Find out here.

Our Lucky Guests

As you can see, nothing much has changed here, for the simple reason that no one has submitted anything. Maybe someday, someone will. Until that day be content with these truly opinionated and industrious individuals.

MAXFIRE: The band may have felt that putting their lives on paper were terrible and too demanding on their part. At least if they put only one song in print, they still have ten more for themselves. Listening is different as with reading. Ironically though, they provided words for one of the most painful songs I've heard for a long time. >>more

AGENT O: Why not start movies by killing innocent civilians without any fuss? The movie Swordfish does just that and a lot more. >>more

MAXFIRE: There are only a few of movies that can boast to be dumber than The Animal but the still the movie is actually funny. >>more

FUNK_AD: I guess one should try listening to the groove of Daft Punk, the Paris-based house music gurus that first invaded Europe in 1997. >>more

ICEBLINK: We had enough, please wipe them out!!! >>more

Can you spot the mad cow?

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