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Home-Q started out with friends fresh from college who one summer night had too much beer and nothing to do the next day. Rather than waste time like they have been doing for the past few months, they decided to do the Filipino people a service: create a site where they can share their opinions about life in the Philippines.

Little did they know that the endeavor would not be easy. Traveling to and from each other's houses alone proved to be daunting. Two of them spent hours navigating through the streets of Makati to find the other's home. The other sleeps where ever his body could rest after weekend nights working with just HTML.

But as with all work and sacrifice, there was a reward. They had their Home-Q, a place they could call their own and share with their countrymen.

It was a great day in history. But to this day they await the celebration and the fireworks.

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About Us



Palsy AKA Kris has a businessman's head and an artist's heart. This form of schizophrenia is considered a burden by most people but Kris has learned to turn it to his advantage.



Twostar alias Alex after graduating from college, decided to take a break from life and do nothing at home all day. Sometimes though his old student habits come back and he reads a book and writes what he thinks.



Masakari christened Mark by his parents wanted to be a pilot early in his life. Due to his unreasonable love for computers, he finished ECE thinking it is related to those things. Now, he's still madly thinking of his dream PC.


Here at Home-Q, everyone's opinion matters. But for anyone to listen, one must first speak. Choose a means of communication from the links below.



People have died for the right to vote. Show respect to their memory by participating in our poll.

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